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Sofia Sukhinina

Head of Sourcing Missing Link Recruitment GmbH

Areas of Expertise: Job Search Strategies & Web3-focused portfolio

I have more than 5 years of experience working in IT recruitment, with a specialization in the Web3/blockchain industry for over two years. Prior to joining Missing Link, I worked as a Senior Tech Recruiter at Tendermint, the creator and main contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem. 

In the course, I  will guide you on finding your dream job and provide tips on strengthening your application.

All Sessions by Sofia Sukhinina

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Navigating and Advancing in the Web3 Job Landscape

Focus: Overview of the Web3 Job Landscape and future outlook | Understanding Your Why (45 mins - 1 hour) | Pros and cons of working in the Web3 industry | Value of bringing unique skills to the industry, importance of deeper motivation beyond financial gain | Leveraging Job Boards, Social Media, and Community Resources (1 hour) : Differences in the application processes: traditional way vs Web3 way | Overview of popular job boards | Personal connections matter | The role of Twitter, other community platforms, participating in DAOs | Effective Networking and Communication Techniques (1 hour) | How Web3 will revolutionize communication: discussing the future and sharing the ultimate guide to networking | Emphasize authenticity: Be Yourself |

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Overview of the Web3 Job Landscape and future outlook

Focus: Overview of the Web3 Job Landscape and future outlook | Introduction (15 min): - Explaining importance of understanding differences of job demand between Web2 & Web3 | General overview of differences in Web2 & web3 jobs (45 min): | - Tech-heavy | - Industry is maturing | - Business-side is still developing | Overview of functions (Sales, Marketing, HR/Recruiting, Engineering, Product, Finance, Data, Ops) 2 hours: - Current situation | - Future outlook | - |Ideal paths to get into Practical session Create your own Web3 career plan: - What kind of companies/environments would be ideal? | - How do you see your career path developing | - What impact will the maturation of the industry have? | 1 hour prep + 2 hour presentations and live coaching | Presentation of selected career plans Sofia & Fabian give live feedback and coach