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Simon Molitor

CEO Digitalsocial.ID

Areas of Expertise: Digital Identity & Organization

I am the co-founder and CEO of Digitalsocial.ID (DSID), where we make your digital reputation measurable and transportable. I have a background in finance and venture capital and am now fully focused on building our startup into the leading provider of digital reputation data.

In the course, I teach you the basics of digital identity and organization.

All Sessions by Simon Molitor

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Digital Identity & Organization

Welcome + Introductions: Personal Intro, Quick Intro of Attendees, Interactive Brainstorming Session. | Digital Identity Landscape Overview: Presentation on core concepts of digital identity (self-sovereign, decentralized, verified credentials). Introduction to blockchain and non-blockchain identity solutions. | Guest Speaker: tbd. | Hands-on exercises: Small groups to go through a demo/exercise using digital identity solutions to understand it hands-on.| Presentation & Discussion: Each group will present on their experience with the identity platform from the exercise.| Speed Research: Emerging Technologies: Group research on emerging identity technologies like zero knowledge proofs and soul bound tokens.| Discussion: Diving deeper into emerging technologies around privacy by discussing findings and elaborating on it. | Panel + Q&A: “Concepts turning real - Connect with ID thought leaders” (Reps from Concordium, Fractal ID, Cheqd.io and Polygon ID).| Closing Remarks: Wrap up and personal note.|