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Sebastian Becker

Managing Director of the German Blockchain Association ‘Bundesblock’ and on the board of the international business association INATBA, headquartered in Brussels

Areas of Expertise: Industrial Blockchain, Web3 Ecosystem Building and Industry Lobbying

I've been a strategy consultant for over 20 years, founding my firm in 2002 with a focus on media, later expanding into telecoms. Since 2017, 90% of my work has been in blockchain, specializing in use cases, market introduction, and strategic innovation. Currently, I'm the Managing Director of the German Blockchain Association 'Bundesblock' and sit on the board of INATBA. Additionally, I advise startups and scale-ups on funding, partnerships, and go-to-market strategies.

In the course, I will talk about areas of innovation with blockchain, how different industries look at it (currently) and in which areas we will see a growing need for specialization and experts.

All Sessions by Sebastian Becker

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Real World Use Cases, ReFi, Social Impact

Industrial Blockchain: Intro Round (20mins). | Intro & discussion about ‘Industrial Blockchain’ (30mins). | Use Case Presentation (70mins). | Optional: 1 guest speaker. | Which (personal & organizational) capabilities are needed in this sector? (30mins) | Why are blockchain projects often driven by ‘business environment’ aspects, e.g. regulation or (social) sustainability aspects? (45mins). | Hands-On: How to Drive Sector Coupling: Recap of the morning, and decision about group work (20mins).| Group Work (90mins): 2 groups, each selecting an industrial project, then thinking about sustainability aspects that can drive its evolution. | Review and Deep Dive: ReFi cases (Optional Guest), (45mins).| Summary of the Day (20mins). |