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Katharina Zeuch

CEO & Founder Luna Vision GmbH

Areas of Expertise: Social Media in Web3 Careers

I co-host the podcast BLOCKTALES - Unchained Stories and share my knowledge and passion for blockchain technology as a mentor in the DLT Talents program. My expertise is in blockchain technology, bitcoin, digital assets, online marketing, and personal branding

In the course, you will learn from me about the importance of social media for Web3 careers.

All Sessions by Katharina Zeuch

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Social media for Web3 careers

Social Media and Personal Branding in Web3 - AI & Web3: Why not do everything with AI? | - Web2 vs. Web3. | - Personal Branding in Web3 | - Career Opportunities in Web3 Social Media. | Hands-On: Your Social Media Profiles - Deep Dive: LinkedIn. | - LinkedIn Hands-On. | - Deep Dive: X . | - X Hands-On. | - Web3 Communities & Further Platforms. |